Project Management

At Design Residential, Inc., we offer project management to our customers on any of the projects we design, including custom home plans, residential remodels, catalog plans, lite commercial, and land planning. The service is valuable in that we serve as an advocate for you to achieve the goals you want the home to attain. Often, some of the overall goals of the homeowners are lost or marginalized in favor of seemingly important items that take precidence in a pinch. Having an advocate who explains the purpose of what we are accomplishing in the features of the home helps to insure that the home you want is what is being built.

This type of project management assists the builder in that they are spending less time trying to understand miscellaneous details and product, and more time doing what they do best: building!

We provide any stage of project management from complete or partial spread sheet budgeting and scheduling to product choice. We interface between you and your builder to provide clarification of the project and/or products as needed. We make known all changes that may impact the budget by keeping or providing signed change orders and updating the budget. We can meet with municipal planning officials for plan submission. We encourage and will arrange weekly meetings with pertinent subcontractors for scheduling.